A spiritual discipline is an activity whereby we put ourselves in a spiritual position where we are open to God doing a transforming spiritual work in our lives.
We grow by connecting to God through prayer.  We would never expect our relationship with another person to grow if we spent no time with them.  Click to get some help getting a prayer habit started!
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Through Bible reading and study, we grow in our knowledge of God.  Scripture will also come to mind when we most need it.
Another great help in developing this spiritual discipline is a devotional plan.  These help us to understand what we read in the Bible.
Click for Bible reading and Devotional Plan helps.
Journaling can provide the opportunity for us to express our thoughts and feelings to God. As we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, we hold them up to the truth and light of God’s Word in order to experience renewal and healing.
Journaling scripture is a possibility for this discipline.  Click to view a helpful article on Bible Gateway.
There are other options for growth through spiritual disciplines.  Click to view an article by Dallas Willard with a list of spiritual disciplines.