Definition of A Disciple
A disciple is one who follows Jesus, is being changed by Jesus and is committed to His mission.  “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4:19


Our Mission Statement

Tidal Creek Fellowship exists to SHARE THE LIFE we have discovered in following Jesus.


5 Components of a Disciple-Making Church 

  • Biblical Foundation:  We believe that we are designed to be in relationship with God first, then in relationship with others.  The purpose of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus, who can make more disciples of Jesus.  We do this with the understanding that relationship is the key vehicle.
  • Intentional Leader:  This leader understands that part of their role is to reach the lost, make disciples of Jesus, and create Christ-centered environments where disciple-making can happen.  They understand where a person is spiritually and what is needed to help them grow. 
  • Relational Environment:  This is a group of 3-14 people, facilitated by a leader who is intentionally modeling discipleship.  The people involved in the group are doing life together with a kingdom mindset.  The relationships go beyond the group time from being strangers to friends who can be vulnerable and transparent with each other.  LifeGroups are our primary relational environment.
  • Reproducible Discipleship Process:  This is the process for developing people toward Christ-likeness.  At Tidal Creek, our process is called the “Core Four” (KNOW, GROW, GIVE, GO).  This includes my part, their part and God’s part.  Leaders understand the five stages of spiritual growth.  They can identify where a person is spiritually, and help them mature and grow at each stage of the spiritual growth process.
  • Church Alignment:  There are four key areas of alignment to equip the Church in its purpose of making disciples of Jesus:  Relational alignment, philosophical alignment, theological alignment and organizational alignment.


“Core Four” Reproducible Discipleship Process

  • KNOW:  A disciple makes a decision to follow Jesus and seeks to KNOW Him.  Three ways that we identify with and come to know Jesus are Salvation, Baptism and Worship.  At Tidal Creek, we highly encourage our Discovery Classes to help you navigate the journey.
  • GROW:  A disciple is one who is GROWING as he is being changed by Jesus.  Growing is becoming more like Jesus through Community (HOME Groups), Spiritual Disciplines and Obedience.
  • GIVE:  A disciple is committed to the mission of Jesus and will GIVE to see it become reality.  Two key aspects of giving are Serving and Generosity.
  • GO:  A disciple is committed to the mission of Jesus and will GO wherever Jesus sends him.  Three key aspects of going are Disciple-making, Evangelism and Missions.
Get Connected
There are many ways to get connected at TCF. Click on the links below for more information.
  • Request information about attending our next Discovery 101 Class, where you will learn more about our Discipleship Process, our history etc.
  • Request information about attending our next Discovery 102 Class.  Here you will learn about membership at TCF, and an opportunity to volunteer with one of our ministries or teams.
  • Join a HOME Group for fellowship and the studying of God’s Word
TCF Staff & Elders
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