baptism-sunday-christian-backgroundWhy Baptism?

The significance in baptism is not in the act itself, but in what it represents:  choosing to live a new life in Jesus, choosing to know and follow Him, choosing to being changed by Him, and choosing to be committed to the mission of Jesus. 

Baptism confirms and celebrates the already-accomplished fact of exclusively belonging to and following Jesus forever, giving up self-focused and self-centered life, and giving in to Christ-centered and Christ-focused life.

And we do it the way we do it, because:

1) Jesus himself set the example for us.  He was obedient to His Father and submitted to baptism.  (Mark 1:9)
2) Jesus commands it.  One of  the last things He tells us is to “Go…make them my disciples, baptize them…” (Matthew 28:19-20a)
3) Baptism publicly announces and celebrates that I really am a believer in, and a disciple of Christ.