Q:       Why should I join a LIfeGroup?

A:       Our church’s vision is to meet you where you are and help you into a growing relationship with Jesus.  Our LifeGroup Ministry enables you to develop that relationship through Christ-centered community with people who will support you as you seek to grow spiritually. LifeGroups are our way of creating “real family” at Tidal Creek.


Q:       What happens at a LifeGroup?

A:       In a LifeGroup, members study the Bible, support one another and pray together in a safe, comfortable environment.  They also enjoy snacks, getting to know each other and having lots of FUN! Periodically, some groups serve together in church ministries or reach out into the community through special projects.  Groups usually meet together weekly for an 1 1/2-2 hours.  If you feel uncomfortable about praying out loud or finding Bible verses, don’t worry!  Our leaders are trained to not put anyone on the spot.  In a LifeGroup, people are encouraged to grow at their own pace.


Q:       What’s the best way to find a group?

A:      Geography, life stage and availability of child care are important factors in selecting a group.  Many people choose a group close to them that is easy to get to on a weeknight.  Others are attracted to groups that contain people in their same stage of life, such as 20-somethings, young families, women, men or older couples.  Some groups offer group child care, others individual care.  Look over the groups, note those that seem to fit your life situation and then ask the Holy Spirit to direct you. 


Q:        I’ve got young children who need child care.  What about that?

A:     We encourage our groups to handle their own child care as much as possible.  There are many ways to do this:  have members get individual sitters, hire a group sitter at another member’s house, have the couples in the group rotate watching the children.  Group members can also pool funds to pay for this.

However, if you have a large number of children, or members who can’t come without some help paying for a sitter, Tidal Creek has funds that can offset the cost of babysitting.  To find out more, please contact Leslie at leslie@tidalcreek.net.  We don’t want the cost of child care to keep anyone from coming to a group!


Q:       How do I join?

A:      The simplest way is to directly contact the leader of the group that you’re interested in.  A list of our HOME Group leaders and their contact information can be found through the “Find a LifeGroup” link to your left.  Sign-ups are ongoing, except during the Summer break.

For more info, contact Leslie Rowell, LifeGroup Pastor, at 843-522-3217 or leslie@tidalcreek.net.