Bible Reading, Quiet Time, Devotional Plans:  
    Why is this significant in the life of a Discipleof Jesus Christ?
Being a disciple of Jesus means being someone who is learning from Him, and seeks to become like Him–in other words, entering into a relationship with Him.  When I am in relationship with someone, that relationship grows only as I interact with that person.  Interaction means that I talk with, listen to, and share my life with them.  As the relationship deepens and grows, I share more of myiself and that person shares more deeply with me.  One of the primary ways that I can experience Christ is through the written Word of God, the Bible.  If I truly want to know Him, I can read for myself the inspired writings of those who know Him well when He was alive on this earth, and who continued to know Him and follow Him after His ascencion.  Today, we are blessed that we have so many tools to access the Bible and help us become more acquainted with Christ and His life and teachings.
TCF encourages its members to actively read God’s Word. Our TCF bookstore in the lobby carries a variety of Bible reading and inspirational helps.  There are also free reading plans available in the KNOW section of our Next Steps area in the lobby.  Here are some helpful online resources to get started.  Click to view: