In the Bible, people brought fruit, grain and goats to the temple.  Thankfully, we’ve made it a little easier for you to support the vision and mission of Tidal Creek Fellowship.  Here is a quick overview of the five ways you can donate.


The TCF Website/MyTCF (Church Community Builder)

Click here to make a quick donation or set up a recurring contribution by logging in here or by requesting a login by clicking “Sign Up” or go there directly HERE.

The TCF Mobile App

Search “Tidal Creek Fellowship” in the App Store for Apple devices or the Google Play Store for Android and download our free mobile app.  Click the “Donate” drop down and make your gift!

Text to Give: 1-843-800-0505

You can text a gift from your smart phone or tablet!  The first time you text you will need to securely enter your payment method preferences.  After that all you have to do is text your amount to 1-843-800-0505.  $100.00 would simply be texted as “100.”

Electronic Banking/Mail

You can use your bank’s online Bill Pay to give to TCF.  Simply use the following address:  Tidal Creek Fellowship, 290 Brickyard Point Rd. S., Beaufort, SC 29907.  If it asks for an account number, just enter your first and last name.

In Service

We always welcome a contribution to TCF in the baskets as they are passed down the aisles during worship.  A giving envelope is provided in the weekly worship folder.

Read about where your donation goes HERE.